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August 3, 2008
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Naked angel tattoo. by Hellborn-Phoenix Naked angel tattoo. by Hellborn-Phoenix
My sister wanted me to draw this for her.

She found a picture of a pre-existing tattoo and printed it off, but instead of the faerie wings the girl traditionally had, she wanted me to redraw it with angel wings.

That girl can be picky. I had to draw nearly ten diffrent styles of feathered wings, before she chose these ones. I tried explaining to her, that the fluffy sheep-like, cloud-shaped wings she wanted on the angel, would be impossible to fly with, and biologically, didn't make sense.

I still don't like the wings I drew for this, but that dosen't matter. As long as she likes them... they are going to be permanently tattooed on her flesh, afterall.

To my knowledge, the original tattoo design belongs to Kirk Silver, a local tattoo artist in these parts, whose site she got the tattoo from.
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Deniruru Aug 6, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
Wow, very beautiful :) I love the rouge in her cheeks, and her eyes and her lips... Hell, the flesh tone and all around colour is nice in general lol; you're awfully good at colouring! :D The position she's in reminds me of a baby in a womb. Tis awesomeness.
Deniruru Aug 10, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
You're welcome :D
Very nice, though personally I prefer more leathery looking wings.

"a local tattoo artist in these parts"
Out of curiosity, how local is local? He's not the guy down by little loads is he?
Kirk Silver= Artist of Silver City tattooing
Buddha-Cat Aug 4, 2008  Professional Digital Artist

Me and Mom are getting tattoos in the future.

Like, super soon.

Have you ever thought about getting one?
I have. Haven't decided on what and where yet though.

...I was thinking about getting a phoenix somewhere... but watching Miami ink tells me that those are hard to do, and that the colours involved, (mainly yellow) bleeds after awhile, and I'd have to get it redone. DX

My latest idea, was to get crows flying up the lower part of my leg, to my knee... I dunno. I want something that'll age well. XP

My brother has a tattoo of a grizzly ripping through his arm. 8)
Buddha-Cat Aug 5, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Well SNAP.

We should go in and get them together sometime.

That would be a great story to tell people.

And I always pictured you getting some sort of Snake tattoo.
A snake isn't too obvious?

I dunno, I might still get a snake... who knows. ^^

YEAH! We should go together when we get them! :)
It's a very pretty-looking angel, she looks like she could be a porcelain doll. Her skin has a smooth, healthy color, and you draw the wings perfect :D Though I always imagined the wings of an angel to be pretty big in comparison to the angel's figure, weither it is an adults or a childs. These are a little too small, but you're the artist, you decide what size you want them to be ^^; The body anatomy looks good, but it seems as if she doesn't have a neck connecting to the shoulders with the way you draw her. The hair is pretty with it's sun-color and how it's so long, but the texture of it doesn't really look like ordinary hair does. I'm not criticizing your drawing skills, just pointing it out so you know unless you intended it to look that way. Anyways, great work on her! Your sis must be satisfied with it :D
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